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Keep your account safe

The password is secret!Never trust anyone that asks you for your password.
        Never use your password on other web pages, forums, etc.
    Use a long password. The longer, the best.
    Give free rein to your imagination. Do not use words from the dictionary (in any languages).
    Match up upper and lower case letters and also numbers.
    Use acronyms that are easy to remember, but that are difficult to guess by others. For example, the password ?M21cH? is generated from the phrase ?My 2nd cousin is called Hector?.
    Do not use a password like ?123456?, or your user name, your real name or any other words related to you and that can be easy to guess.
    We also recommend that your contact email be different from your user name.
And at last, do not share your personal information with unknown people (your house address, your e-mail, your phone number, etc.).
Avoid scams (phishing)
Phishing is a type of computer crime which seeks to discover access details to a webpage.
A web page is usually used as a bait to get that information, for example, by offering free points.
It is important not to provide your access information to other web pages or give it to unknown people. It is also important not to install any programs sent by other players.
The user is responsible for the custody of their password (keep it in secret, that it be not easy to guess, do not use it on other webs, etc.), as well as keep their email address and Facebook account safe.

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